Sponsored: Sugar occurs naturally in milk

ingles dietitianQUESTION: Why is there sugar in my milk?

ANSWER: When you see grams of sugar listed on the nutrition facts panel of plain (unsweetened/unflavored) cow’s milk it’s lactose or milk sugar. Dairy farmers and milk processors haven’t added any sugar to that milk, it's just the naturally occurring sugar in milk (lactose) that is considered a carbohydrate.

Sponsored: Make those kids eat veggies!

ingles dietitianQUESTION: My 8 year old child is very resistant to trying new vegetables. Can you give me some ideas on how I can get him to eat more vegetables?

ANSWER: It’s great that your goal is to introduce more vegetables into your child’s diet. The important thing to remember is that it may take multiple attempts to get your child to try a new vegetable – so don’t give up! There are a few ways that you can go about getting your child to taste (and hopefully enjoy) new vegetables.

Sponsored: How local is "local" food?

ingles dietitianQUESTION: When Ingles talks about offering “local” food what do you mean by that? Is there a certain area or geographic distance?

ANSWER: There is no legal definition for the word “local” so many retailers set a definition on their own. At Ingles all of our stores are within 250 miles of our Distribution Center in Black Mountain, NC so this is our first tier of our “local” region.

Sponsored: Visit the Mother Earth News Fair

ingles dietitianQUESTION: I heard you were going to be at the Mother Earth News Fair. When and where is it and what will you be doing there?

ANSWER: The Mother Earth News Fair will be held at the WNC Ag Center near the Asheville Airport on April 11th and 12th ( Saturday and Sunday). 

Sponsored: What's behind the USDA Certified Organic designation?

ingles dietitianQUESTION: When something is USDA certified organic does it mean the farmer doesn’t use pesticides on their crops or orchards?

ANSWER: This is not a yes/no answer. How farmers manage their crops depends on the crop, the climate, the land , and the pressures (rainfall, insects, weeds) during the growing season.

Sponsored: The difference between "dietitian" and "nutritionist"

ingles dietitianQUESTION: What’s the difference between a “dietitian” and a “nutritionist?”

ANSWER: Great question, especially since it's National Nutrition Month! I am technically a “Registered Dietitian Nutritionist”.  A person who has this title must:

Sponsored: Check out "Taste of Local" events

ingles dietitianQUESTION: A friend told me about your “Taste of Local” events but I have never gone to one. What are they and when is the next one? 

ANSWER: Our “Taste of Local” events are a way for our customers to meet some of our local farmers and vendors.

Sponsored: Know the different grades of meat

ingles dietitianQUESTION: What are the different grades of meat and what does it mean?

ANSWER: The major grades of meat are: Prime, Choice, Select. These are known as “quality grades” and reflect the tenderness and juiciness of the meat due to marbling (fat content) of the meat.

Sponsored: All about quinoa

ingles dietitianQUESTION: I have heard a lot about quinoa but I don’t know how to cook it.

ANSWER: Quinoa is often called an “ancient grain” and it is a relative of spinach. It is primarily cultivated in South America and is gluten-free.

Sponsored: Living with lactose intolerance

ingles dietitianQUESTION: I have lactose intolerance. Is it better for me to buy goat's milk and cheeses than cow's milk and cheeses?

ANSWER: Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar found in milk from mammals whether cow, sheep or goats. Some individuals have lactose intolerance or acquire this as they grow older. Their bodies do not produce enough of the enzyme (lactase) to help digest the lactose so they have gastrointestinal issues like gas, bloating and diarrhea.

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