Where Would You Like To Eat?

Steve and I like to go out to dinner on the weekends. I love it when we work Kome Thai and Sushi Bistro into our rotation of local restaurants. I am really not a huge sushi gal, so I stick to the Thai portion of the menu. I have only eaten there a few times so far, but never once has it occurred to me to ask my server to remove the sushi options from the menu because I do not eat sushi. Moreover, I do not spend any time searching that section of the menu for my dinner, instead I go directly to the Thai cuisine and stir-fried options. I am not angry or upset that sushi is on the menu. I really do not have any feelings about sushi other than the obvious understanding it does not agree with my sensibilities. I go to the portion of the menu that suits my tastes and I continue to enjoy the ambiance the restaurant offers.

Working Through The Growing Pains of Expansion

If you have seen the movie The Miracle Worker about Anne Sullivan’s struggle to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller to communicate, you will understand the power of the breakthrough moment of “WAHHH…!” It was the turning point in Helen’s life when she was able to suspend her sorrow and rage at living in an isolated world and connect through her newfound understanding of language with another human being.

How Feng Shui Can Change Your Life

In my Feng Shui business, I have noticed over the years that when clients start changing their home environment they experience some type of change in their outer lives. There seems to be a direct correlation in seeing the world differently and experiencing it differently. One would not think that moving your bed or couch would start the domino effect leading to changing jobs or finding love, but somehow it does. What is that all about?

Heal Thyself: Part Two

You will remember that I left off last week with sharing my understanding of vibrational energy. Particularly, how it relates to communicating with the spirit world. Healing any area of our life can benefit from the same understanding of frequency.

Heal Thyself: Part one

We all notice at some point in our hustle and bustle through life that something is not quite right in our body. It could be the result of an injury, an infection, or a general air of malaise that forces us to rethink our daily activities. Many of us proceed to our doctor to have tests run to determine the best path to wellness. We follow the prescription and voilà we experience recovery… right? Recovery is our expectation, and therefore how we align our thoughts and actions, don’t we? We certainly would not have tests run, receive a prognosis and then reject the cure, would we?

Did I Just Say That?

Joman Romero wrote a book called “Knowing Ourselves, what does the body want to tell us about diseases?” It focuses on the emotional and mental components that feed into dis-ease.

Year of Abundance

Happy New Year! As we move into 2024, (2+0+2+4=8) we move into an eight vibration. According to astrologer Jacquelyn Tierney, this is the “energetic vibration of personal power, hidden power, shared resources, determination, material and financial gain, the pinnacle, recognition of work, lifestyle upgrades, rebirth and generation, and transformation." Did you get all that? Basically, themes of abundance or even the lack of it depending on how you are flowing your energy. So how do we ensure we stay in the black and far from the red? We care about how we feel.

Are You Meeting or Exceeding Expectations?

So, was Christmas everything you imagined it to be? Did you enjoy the gatherings and smatterings of family events? Perhaps you dreaded certain interactions only to find, you were right and next year you will definitely do things differently! Did the people and holiday traditions live up to your expectations? I am going to go out on a psychic limb here and say that they did. Do you want to know how I know?

How to be the best gift giver

Are you a good gift … receiver?

How To Know If You're Surviving Or Thriving

I took a whirlwind tour of Paris over the summer that included an introduction to their transportation system. We traveled by car, bus, metro and even walked to explore the city of lights. Although I could not see myself living in such a big city, I did appreciate the energy of it for a short time. Well, with maybe an exception or two.

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