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Who works for the general good?

Who works for the general good?

To the Editor:

Republicans like to talk about how Democrats are ruining the country without being specific on how that is taking place. Let’s look at recent events to see who is really concerned about the wellbeing of the American public, the country, and the planet.

About 37 million Americans have diabetes, or about 1 in 10 citizens. According to the Rand Corporation, one of the most respected research organizations, Americans with diabetes pay 5 to 10 times as much as what people in other developed countries pay. A survey found that 83% of Americans with diabetes report financial hardships due to the cost of insulin making it difficult to pay for essentials, such as food, clothing and housing. 

On Aug. 6, 43 Republican senators voted against capping copayment for insulin in private insurance policies. This measure would have capped the co-pay for insulin prescriptions at $35. Insulin has been a generic since its development in 1922. Therefore, the only cost in producing the medication is the actual cost of production. There is no reason not to put the brakes on the runaway pricing in the U.S. 

All 50 Republican senators voted against clean energy and addressing climate change. Virtually all reputable climate scientists are warning that we need to take immediate action to slow and eventually stop the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Science has shown that infectious diseases are more problematic due to climate change. Even the Pentagon considers climate change to be one of the greatest threats to national and global security. If you think wars over territory and oil are bad, wait until people are fighting over access to water. Climate change will make current refugee issues mild in comparison. Still, all Republican senators opposed any action on climate change.

Republicans at the state level are doing their best to make climate change worse. In several states, Republicans have pushed the interests of the petroleum industry over the wellbeing of citizens. Even in North Carolina, Republicans proposed requiring the installation of gas pumps wherever anyone wanted to install an electric charger for cars. Other equally ridiculous restrictions on electrification and opposition to other efforts to address climate change can be found. Are Republicans so indebted to the oil industry, or are they just being obstructionists to “own” Democrats and environmentalists? In any case, Republican leaders do not appear to have any concern about Americans or the planet.

Instead of addressing real issues, Republicans have ranted about made up issues, such as teaching critical race theory in grade school. They also appear to think that their kids are such snowflakes that reading a book with a gay character will harm their mental wellbeing. Censorship and book burning have never resulted in positive consequences.

The bottom line seems to be that if you want real problems and issues to be addressed, voting for Democrats is a possible solution. If you want Congress to become a circus of nonsense lead by the likes of Jim Jordan and Loui Gohmert, vote for Republicans.

Norman Hoffman


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  • Oh my, dear Lucille Josephs! Please get some rest.

    posted by Susan supports Democrats

    Wednesday, 08/31/2022

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