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Don’t blame woes on Trump

Don’t blame woes on Trump

To the Editor:

This is in response to another Trump hit piece disguised as an opinion letter to the editor. I thought Trump derangement syndrome was cured. Come on man, get over it! No one cares.

Trump has been gone from office for almost a year now. OK, if you expect the small number of people who actually read these op-eds to be influenced by your words, don’t hold your breath. Why are we still talking about the former president? I guess he is still in the obsessed minds of liberal progressive Democrats. 

The letter writer quoted The International Institute of for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. This institute was formed by people appointed by foreign entities to promote democracy and election integrity throughout the world. By the way, we are a republic, not a democracy. Sounds to me like just another do-nothing organization run by foreign bureaucrats. 

So exactly what does the lowering ranking for the U.S. mean? In my opinion it is proof that liberal progressive Democrats are ruining our country. The people who control our elections are in the hands of the individual states of America. It has been proven there is fraud in elections. A person who is running for office has the right to challenge an election, something the Democrats know all too well. 

So Donald Trump is to blame, including causing democracies all around the world major harm. I don’t agree. You accuse him of all this havoc but as usual there is absolutely no proof he has caused any of it. Maybe people are just fed up with the liberal progressive liars who try to bully and badger conservatives. The corrupt news media is an extension of the Trump-hating Democrats. These accusations are just a continuation of the left-wing liberal Democrat agenda.

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An insurrection by definition is a violent attempt to take control of a government. The left leaning media along with the radical democrats said Jan. 6 was an insurrection. What weapons were used? Where were the machine guns, the cannons, tanks? They were only armed with Trump signs and hats. But Trump is blamed and accused of overthrowing a democracy. Do you Trump haters realize how nutty this sounds? This was no insurrection. It was unfortunate and should have never happened, but who’s to say it wasn’t instigated by leftist infiltrators.

How can you say because of one man we as a nation are more or less doomed? I think you really should be more concerned about the present President Joe Biden who is chomping at the bit to put the remaining nails in the coffin. He and his administration are the most incompetent people ever to walk into the White House. He has in just 12 months caused chaos at our southern border by allowing mass caravans of illegal aliens to enter our country. Trump had the border under control. He is asking Americans to get vaccinated while thousands of illegals are not required to. This is insane. Inflation is running rampant because of our puppet President Biden shutting down pipelines and helping Putin put in his pipeline.

I do agree with you, however, that the politicians in Washington have not been doing their jobs for years. We the American people are to blame, not Trump! We don’t hold Congress accountable, oh wait, some Republicans are but not Democrats. You can Blame Trump or I can blame Biden, but actually slowly over the years we were being sold out by all of our corrupt government politicians. The Democrats died with Kennedy and the party is no longer recognizable. A house divided will not stand and a corrupt society will fall. Cancel culture, wokeness, liberalism, socialism, communism, anti-police leftists and Antifa had infiltrated our society long before Trump arrived. God help us.    

Dennis Ford


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