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Rep. Cawthorn’s rhetoric is dangerous

To the Editor:

As a former Public Health Director in his district with over 30 years of public health experience, I’m appalled at Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s recent misleading statements made in an interview by the Right Side Broadcasting Network at CPAC and aired on NBC nightly news Friday, July 9, as part of their COVID story. His lack of understanding regarding public health science is obvious the more he speaks.

Community vaccination programs have been in practice long before he was born! Effectively dealing with small pox, polio, measles and other preventable childhood diseases. Before running his mouth with fearful rhetoric, he needs to look closer at the issue for knowledge and educate himself with the science. Why not reach out to local and state public health resources for the science and plans instead of assuming a plan is established that is not in evidence. I’m sure the public health professionals would be willing to educate him with facts! 

Vaccines work! People don’t need him to lie about door-to-door vaccination programs designed to offer lifesaving medicine. This public health approach is not going to lead to taking guns or Bibles in the future as he stated.

Rep. Cawthorn needs to be a responsible public servant by helping others know the facts instead of the typical Republican tactic of fear mongering that confuses the issue. It would appear he learned nothing by speaking in support of “the big lie” regarding the election results or his addressing the mob on January 6 before the insurrection. Words matter. He has been nothing but a major disappointment to me since day one. His reckless comments need to stop or he needs to go.

Carmine F. Rocco


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  • Outside of the J&J vaccine, there is no Covid vaccine. The J&J vaccine is also dangerous and uses fetal cell lines to make the soup. the other two are not vaccines. They are experimental genetic therapies. I am not ant-vaxx. I've had the normal series used on the military required of dependents in Germany as well as my own Naval service. I will not take the fakes that are being offered, and pushed by idiots and liars.

    Rocco is being reckless, not Cawthorn. All three of the so called vaccines have proven dangerous and there is a firm scientific basis for anyone of good sense to reject them. The author's "30 years of "public health experience" didn't teach her much. Enough of leftist liars who have pushed the false covid narratives.

    posted by Quartermaster

    Monday, 07/26/2021

  • After reading this article it is obvious that the writer has alot of hate for either an individual or just themself period. I do see misguided intent in the title itself. Yes it was bold, but very much misleading. Based on the title and the body of the letter it was obvious that the writer was not in a good place for guidance but more so to be malicious. As you mentioned "reach out for the science". My question would be are you serious? There are so many different interpretations of information regarding the vaccine at this time, so with that being said there are seriously too many gray areas regarding this subject for these numbers to be taken seriously. There is no need for people to take to the streets knocking door to door in hopes as you've mentioned to give their opinion, as this is only going to add for friction and divison between the people. Why can't we just try and work together? It may just be right there what you mentioned above in reference to NBC and the reporting of this. They as well as other stations have a reputation of being very misleading and not reporting correctly as well as putting their own spin on a story to cause more chaos. It wasn't for further research I myself probably would've been inclined to believe what is put in front of me by the local tv stations as well. I have seen in real time how things are changed and not reported correctly. And as far as the door to door goes, I really don't think that people are going to appreciate that knock. I am just as concerned about what covid has done and the options that are available as most. But we must use common sense and let people choose for themselves, what is the best pathway for them. If you choose to get the vaccine, that's great! If because you may have a medical condition where your doctor finds it, not in your best interest then that's ok to. Or you may not find it for you. That's perfectly fine as well. People do not want this decision forced, or the information thrown down their throat. And by no means would January 6th be considered an insurrection. But again I guess it's what you believe and the information that you watch. Even people can be become programmed to believe what's right in front of them. Not here to create chaos, however to say simply that instead of being so at target understand that we simply can not get to a place where we can work together if this continues. My final words on this subject. When the Texans went to DC they were all vaccinated correct? It seems that many have contacted covid since leaving. So based on the science that's in front of us that you say we should reach out for this just might not be as reliable as one would think or expect it to. And as far as one who has been vaccinated, if one's beliefs are that they are safe, then why would they even be concerned with the ones that aren't? Is it really for their concern or is it because you truly do not feel that you are safe. But hey the science is out there just ask anyone and it's all fact..right??? I am not here to defend Cawthorn, he can take care of himself however if people didn't feel like they were being forced then maybe they might look at this a little differently. Wishing everyone a super day m!"

    posted by Sherie Pagano

    Sunday, 07/25/2021

  • Cawthorn is talking tough these days, backing up Sen. Rand Paul on that criminal Fauci. Good! Fauci should be indicted and convicted for his crimes.

    posted by Wayne Shorter

    Sunday, 07/25/2021

  • Rep. Cawthorn is doing an outstanding job and you Leftist idiot commenters and your ilk will not prevail at the end of the day. Go back sulking to your Commie corners or whatever Commie rock you crawled out from under.

    posted by Anthony Odom

    Sunday, 07/25/2021

  • The District 11 Rep. is dangerously ignorant of everything in any way related to his oath of office. He should be removed by whatever legal means are most expeditious. He is a violence-monger who will get even more people maimed or killed than his incendiary speechifying, along with his cohorts', did to rev up the seditionists on January 6.

    posted by Mary Jane Curry

    Saturday, 07/24/2021

  • Any words from this immature, child-man cannot be believed. Unfortunately, the media chooses to publish any and all of his drivel. I don't know what possessed the voters of our district to elect this ignorant individual to a national office, but I suspect many of them wish they could take their vote back.

    posted by N.A. Wilson

    Friday, 07/23/2021

  • Any words from this immature, child-man cannot be believed. Unfortunately, the media chooses to publish any and all of his drivel. I don't know what possessed the voters of our district to elect this ignorant individual to a national office, but I suspect many of them wish they could take their vote back.

    posted by N.A. Wilson

    Friday, 07/23/2021

  • He needs to go for many reasons, including the fact he has missed more House votes than anyone else. And one interesting fact that before he won the primary even Mark Meadows did not back him but someone else, wonder why.

    posted by Louise Williams

    Friday, 07/23/2021

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