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The real steal may come in 2024

To the Editor:

Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) was removed from her leadership position in the Republican Party for only one reason — she stood firm in telling the truth. Allow that to sink in. Rep. Cheney (daughter of former VP Dick Cheney) courageously stood, nearly alone, against party leaders whose destructive lies endanger our republic. “Remaining silent, ignoring the lies, denying the truth, only emboldens the liars,” she said.

The GOP axed a solidly conservative representative because she refused to accept audacious lies. I was taught by every adult in my life that it was wrong to lie: family members, teachers, employers, churches once taught and practiced this basic tenet.

Noteworthy as well, the Republican Party seems eager to concede this is by no means a conflict of ideas or policy but clearly about character, integrity and reputation. The majority of Republicans seem to consider Donald Trump vital to reclaiming a congressional majority or the White House itself.

Rep. Cheney voted with Trump 93 percent of the time, clearly confirming her party loyalty and conservative leanings. Cheney’s chosen replacement, the vivacious four-term congresswoman from New York (Elise Stefanik), only voted with Trump 78 percent of the time. Stefanik’s appeal is her willingness to hold the rudder steady on the Republican ship of lies.

America is experiencing a war on truth. Truth is under attack, under siege, and the assailants are our own leaders. Some strike directly (including a former president). Some assail the truth indirectly by their vocal complicity, and many collaborate by their silence.

Fed by Fox News and other manure spreaders, tens of millions of Americans defect to alternative realities where truth and evidence cannot penetrate. In that carelessly chosen bubble people believe massive voter fraud cost Trump the 2020 election and that January 6 (my birthday) was a “peaceful assembly of patriots.” Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.), whom I must note, was born precisely on another day that will live in infamy (Nov. 22, 1963), likened January 6 to a “normal tourist visit.” In this optional craziness, Liz Cheney is a traitor, COVID is not dangerous, masks offer no protection, and life-saving vaccines are a sinister plot aimed at driving Christians away from their churches.

These lies have led to possibly hundreds of thousands of otherwise avoidable deaths during the pandemic, and to an unsuccessful but violent attempt to overturn an election, costing more lives.

The GOP becomes more radical every hour. If Rep. Cheney can be axed for her unwillingness to lie, if Republicans are successful in suppressing voting by changing state laws and if they manage to regain control of Congress in 2022, what happens if Trump runs in 2024 — and loses — but asks Congress to override the Electoral College? Will a partisan cabal of Trump loyalists (McConnell- and McCarthy-trained faithful) defer to any “rule of law” or yield to Trump?

By purging truth-tellers like Liz Cheney, the Republican Party leaders willingly align with the criminals who attacked our Capitol on January 6. As Mona Charen stated in “Beware: The real steal is coming.”

David L. Snell


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  • We need to be very concerned. The Republicans are working to dismantle our democracy and run the country to the ground as they grab all the power they can. Power for powers sake creates an authoritarian government that does not support The People.

    posted by Deni Gottlieb

    Sunday, 05/30/2021

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