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Do you really want Biden?

To the Editor:

On a full-page ad in the October 7 edition of The Smoky Mountain News, Joe Biden supporters cited their reasons for being Biden supporters. Mistakenly, their reasons have nothing to do with Joe Biden’s agenda.

Better health care? Biden wants government control where bureaucrats determine what procedures and medical aid you are allowed. The VA System was a national disaster for decades. Trump fixed it. Biden’s free healthcare covers legal U.S. citizens but also all illegals. The Affordable Care Act, a Biden/Obama disaster, caused people to lose their favorite plan and doctors, costs escalated.  

More high-paying good jobs? Trump’s administration increased over 500,000 manufacturing jobs and has already stated plans to increase these numbers. U.S. factories closed during the Obama-Biden administration and then reopened in other parts of the world. 

Obama Biden’s “shovel ready jobs” was an absolute failure with Obama laughingly admitting that maybe the jobs were not shovel ready. Under Biden’s Green New Deal thousands of jobs will be lost as the “deal” controls and closes numerous businesses and industries they deem un-green and regulates just about every business and industry. 

Best education? Biden is against school choice. 

Security and safety? Riots, vandalisms and looting have raged unchecked in Democrat-run cities whose leaders then vote to defund police. Joe does not denounce any of this.  

Freedom and justice for all? Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, raised thousands of dollars to provide bail for individuals arrested for violent actions during the recent rioting. Many of these same individuals were seen back on the streets promoting and engaging in lawless behavior.

Joe Biden, a 47-year member of Congress, turns out to be a multi-millionaire on a congressional salary? Biden plagiarized speeches using material from others without attribution, was accused of plagiarism in law school then claimed he graduated top in his class when he was at the bottom half. His claims of attending law school on a full academic scholarship are untrue as are claims to have graduated from undergraduate school with three degrees. These circumstances do not sound like character and integrity to me.

The American voter has a choice to make between our constitutional way of life or socialism. A Biden presidency pigeonholes Americans into government designed slots; your children and grandchildren will come under more government control eventually leading to the herd mentality. We should not relive history but should learn from it. The elite members of the USSR communist party lived very well but most of their citizens struggled to merely survive. Let’s not lose that right of freedom of choice and true freedom of choices. 

Bill Adams


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