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Democrats want to take away rights

To the Editor:

I noticed in your Sept. 30 edition that all your letters to the editor are nothing but political ads catering to the socialist left. Also they contain many lies.

The Republicans are not gunning for our Social Security. Demanding that benefits of any kind should only go to legal inhabitants of this country is only common sense. All illegals break the law and therefore are criminals.

Saying that the Democrats aren’t gonna take our guns away is a flat-out lie! They openly advocate taking our guns and abolishing the Second Amendment. That’s what Kamala Harris said last week.

When it comes to destroying the ACA, it should be destroyed. There’s nothing affordable about it and it’s the cause of many people being uninsured because they cannot afford the high premiums.

Abortion is not health care; when you kill a human you are not caring for that human. Abortion is plain murder. Only in the case that the mother’s life is in danger should abortion be considered. Abortion is not a right, it is a misguided court ruling based upon lies by the plaintiff and should have been repealed the day she admitted to lying.

Where it comes to drilling for oil, the writers of that letter should immediately stop driving their car and stop using anything that is made from petroleum or that’s being brought to them in vehicles using petroleum based fuel. That’s 99 percent of goods, by the way. Electric vehicles still need fossil fuel to generate the electricity needed. And they pollute a lot more over their entire lifespan. So, stop using anything fossil fuel related like a car, phone, laptop, TV, clothing, furniture, etc. Otherwise you admit being a hypocrite!

A vote for Democrats is a vote against your freedom and your rights!

Gino De Neef


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