Rumble Book Club: 'Seeing Red'

I stumbled upon this book one day on Audible. It was suggested based on some other books I’d purchased. I thought, “Hey, why not? Who doesn’t want to learn more about how the menstrual cycle affects overall health?” What I didn’t realize was that this book would change my entire mentality when it comes to periods. 

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Hormonal Birth Control: What You May Not Know

By Naema Pierce

When we hear the words birth control, usually the mind goes to The Pill. Somehow the term birth control has become synonymous with any hormonal birth control, when in fact birth control reaches far beyond that of hormonal methods. It also consists of condoms, diaphragms the copper IUD and fertility awareness methods. And let me just say, these are perfectly reliable methods even if you have been told your whole life otherwise.

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Just Because it’s Common Doesn’t Mean it’s Normal

"Jessi, what about that situation didn't alert you to go to the ER?"

This is what the NP asked me when I called my doctor's office the next day and told her what happened.

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6 menstrual products that can change your life

Try out these products to make your monthly menstration more managable.

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Don't Distress, De-Stress Your Period

By Dr. Tara Hogan D.C.

When I was in college getting my period meant I was about to lose all my energy, become an anxious basket case, and generally feel like crap. This was not convenient, especially as an athlete. I can remember trying to sneak naps in between class and practice only to wake up more tired.Then it was off to sprint practice to feel utterly…slow…

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Memories of a mother's cooking

By Elizabeth Doone: 

Your article was an inspiration and a reminder of the love and attention we received throughout our childhoods: time around the table. 

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10 Self Care Tips for November

It's a stressful time and a lot of people are counting on you, but you can't take care of others if you're not taking care of yourself. Here is a list of self-care tips to get you through the rest of the month.

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Q&A with Jodie Appel, Owner of Asheville Salt Cave

Rumble: How did you enter into the world of salt therapy? 

Jodie: We’ve been open eight years this past month. My father is a pharmacist by trade. The salt cave was his suggestion. When traveling from New Jersey to South Carolina to visit me, my parents stopped in Williamsburg, Virginia and came across a salt spa. When they came out, my dad loved it raved about it. My dad has several different lung issues and after his experience at the salt spa, he didn’t have to use his expressive inhaler for two and a half weeks. After watching what the salt did for my dad and meeting with the people at the Williamsburg Salt Spa, I decided to open a salt cave in Asheville. 

Rumble: What are the benefits of Himalayan salt? 

Jodie: There are many benefits of Himalayan salt to the human body. In general, we’re bombarded with positive ions from technology. The salt offers our bodies negative ions. The salt balances the minerals that are lacking or overacting in the body. Every person has a unique make-up and may use the salt for something different. Many people visit us for respiratory issues and skin conditions, such as eczema, rashes, psoriasis and acne. Skin is our largest organ so skin issues often indicate something is going on internally. Other people experience a surge in creativity when doing salt therapy. There is also a great mental health benefit to salt therapy. 

Rumble: In what ways to do people get the salt in their bodies? 

Jodie: The salt cave works by mimicking an actual cave. The moisture and salt combine to offer benefits to the lungs and skin. Sole is water that’s been saturated with Himalayan salt. People use sole in the bath, as a beverage or a compress. More simple ways to use salt would be when cooking, as a salt lamp and in bath products. 

Rumble: How do you see salt therapy affect your clients? 

Jodie: Some of our clients are in a whirlwind when they enter, then we put them in the salt cave and 99.9 percent of the time, those same folks emerge floating, happy and kind. Their mood has totally flipped. We also see many return clients who are experiencing benefits related to physical conditions. 

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Secrets to survival from a COVID-19 survivor

Dear everyone that does or does not like exercise, 

Are you too tired to exercise? Not sure how to navigate through this pandemic? Feel like you can't keep your shiFt together? Or are you doing well, feeling strong and would love some validation of why you keeping up with your exercise regimen is so critical to fight off COVID and feel mentally strong? 

Check out this week’s Truth with Dr. Dara's Covid Chronicles question...

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