Personal Finance Wisdom from One Woman to Another: Lessons from My Journey

Each of us has the potential to enjoy a successful personal finance journey and none of us need to go for it alone. While discussing money can feel awkward, sharing our financial struggles and triumphs unlocks a treasure trove of knowledge for other women. By being open, we help each other avoid pitfalls and replicate successes, paving the way for a collective financial future full of empowerment and achievement. 

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Where Would You Like To Eat?

Steve and I like to go out to dinner on the weekends. I love it when we work Kome Thai and Sushi Bistro into our rotation of local restaurants. I am really not a huge sushi gal, so I stick to the Thai portion of the menu. I have only eaten there a few times so far, but never once has it occurred to me to ask my server to remove the sushi options from the menu because I do not eat sushi. Moreover, I do not spend any time searching that section of the menu for my dinner, instead I go directly to the Thai cuisine and stir-fried options. I am not angry or upset that sushi is on the menu. I really do not have any feelings about sushi other than the obvious understanding it does not agree with my sensibilities. I go to the portion of the menu that suits my tastes and I continue to enjoy the ambiance the restaurant offers.

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I Am Who I Am

I am who I am, and that is enough is my latest mantra. I say this when I wake up, and when I go to bed. Using any mantra focuses our energy into a certain pattern. I have used mantras in the past that have connected me to Tibetan Monks such as om mani padme hum and appreciated that simply saying the words pronounced om ma nee pad may hum moved me in resonance with their ancient wisdom.

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Working Through The Growing Pains of Expansion

If you have seen the movie The Miracle Worker about Anne Sullivan’s struggle to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller to communicate, you will understand the power of the breakthrough moment of “WAHHH…!” It was the turning point in Helen’s life when she was able to suspend her sorrow and rage at living in an isolated world and connect through her newfound understanding of language with another human being.

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Investing 101: Navigating the Exciting (and Slightly Scary) World of Investing

Are you an investor? Statistically, women may risk having less wealth over their lifetime due to a gap in investment participation. The gap in investment participation is influenced by a variety of contributing factors, including lower income and pay disparities, career breaks due to childcare or eldercare responsibilities, a gap in financial literacy, and a marketing and industry bias. 

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A Family’s Quest to Save Their Little Girl’s Sight

When Amanda Byerly and her husband took their two-year-old daughter, Elin, to a routine eye doctor’s appointment, the last thing they expected to hear was that her child most likely had a genetic condition that could result in permanent blindness. After doing research, consulting with additional physicians and traveling to Duke to confirm the diagnosis, they discovered there actually is a cure, but it’s currently just out of reach for patients. Rumble sat down with Amanda to hear her captivating story.

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Historical Revisionism

When I was younger and had a bad dream, I would make myself go back to sleep and face my tormentor. The second time around I would have a weapon at my disposal, help outside my door, or an escape route that I could easily take. No matter the situation, I would go back to that scary moment and find a way to stay safe and survive. It got me to thinking, if I can have a do over in my dream state, why not my waking state?

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How Feng Shui Can Change Your Life

In my Feng Shui business, I have noticed over the years that when clients start changing their home environment they experience some type of change in their outer lives. There seems to be a direct correlation in seeing the world differently and experiencing it differently. One would not think that moving your bed or couch would start the domino effect leading to changing jobs or finding love, but somehow it does. What is that all about?

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Secure Your Loved Ones' Future: A Guide to Taking Control

Planning for the future can feel daunting, but preparing for our eventual passing is an act of care for those we leave behind. It helps ensure their well-being and minimizes burdens during what will already be a difficult time.

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