The Trifecta: Understanding mind, body, soul connection

The mind, body and soul connection can become the trifecta in our existence if we understand how to blend the information these three powerhouses offer. Most of us honor one or two, but using all three together can vastly change our everyday experience.

Why Are Some People in Our Path?

I was a bit naive in High School. I am one of four girls, number three to be exact. Threes do not need to be street smart; ones take care of that. Twos navigate the world by creating balance in a family that was used to devoting all of their time and energy to the first born. Twos introduce sharing and feedback to the eldest child. Twos soften our edges and help us blend with the world.

Little White Lies

We have all told little white lies at some point in our lives, feeling like we had no alternative. We found ourselves face to face with people that play an important role in our lives and our “truth” was nowhere near the surface. Are these half-truths, exaggerations, harmless untruths, or partial truths damaging?

How to Sense Energy Flow in Your Home

Sensing energy flow in your home is vital when designing a space. We like to think that arranging our rooms based on our style alone will suffice in creating a nurturing home, but how the energy moves without a stick of furniture in it can make or break our well-being. 

Are You Adding To, or Subtracting From Your Environment?

I have the pleasure of being with a partner that takes his time each morning to center his energy before he starts his day. He has taught me through his own example that I have many more choices in life than I ever realized, and most of those decisions start from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. Instead of reacting to my day, I have started implementing the techniques he uses in his own life to orchestrate my day in ways that brings me more joy and makes me more present in my exchanges. I try to make good choices and recover quickly from bad ones to increase my personal power. Perhaps this is new information for you. Like me, you might have been raised to react to life rather than orchestrate your life. Here are some ways that I leave that notion in the past and find ways to make the most of my 24 hours.

Made You Look!

I was sitting in a meeting trying to focus on the presentation when my attention was diverted to the corner of the room by two women carrying on a conversation. Y’all, this was not in the back of the room where one might expect people to get distracted. This was on the front row! I can only surmise they felt that Robert’s Rules of order did not apply to them.

How to Find Your Happy Place

I was speaking with a woman yesterday who mentioned that when she saw the people that had retired from her workplace, their faces seemed rejuvenated!

Creating Your Classroom

I walked into a high school classroom to assess the energy before I began to formulate a plan to feng shui it. The classroom had a lot of visuals on the walls. Being a foreign language class, that would be both typical and necessary to create the atmosphere needed to keep students in the language. There were posters of historical sites, cute images of animals speaking French, and of course the classroom phrases that all students need to know like “puis-je aller aux toilettes?” I also noted French vocab labels on everything from stapler to map. All the décor showed me this teacher was thorough in his coursework and the uplifting expressions demonstrated he cared about his students. How did I feel energetically in the space? Heavy.

Finding Your Frequency

As we listen to the radio in our cars, we have no problem changing the channel when we do not like the song. We make it a habit to play music we enjoy.

Full Body Presence

“No matter where we grew up, we have all had to adapt in order to survive and be accepted, conforming to the expectations of our families, religious traditions, and culture. Depending on our innate temperament and the level of repression to which we were subjected, we behave according to our own unique adaptations and defenses. Many of our idiosyncratic defense mechanisms may have originally served as brilliant survival tactics, particularly if we overcame traumatic events or circumstances. However, in most cases, these adaptations are now obsolete. They contribute to our sense of separation from ourselves and our world and now function as impediments to our happiness.”

-Suzanne Scurlock-Durana 

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