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Socialist America has done pretty well

To the Editor:

Recent letters have railed against a Democratic plan to make America into a “socialist country.” History shows that part of that plan has already succeeded. In the proceeding 75 years Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, clean water legislation, housing subsidies, disabilities protections, and welfare in various forms have all become part of American life. These programs and a hundred more like them have formed the basis of our modern American society.

Since the days of President Franklin Roosevelt, conservative Republicans have fought against each of these progressive programs. If given the chance, these Republicans probably would eliminate every one of them.

For example, President Trump’s lawyers will present their case to the Supreme Court in November to eliminate health care for over 20 million Americans and eliminate protection for over 100 million Americans with preexisting conditions. Trump’s cut to Social Security payroll taxes will bankrupt Social Security in a matter of a few years.

Ask yourself: do you want to eliminate your grandparent’s Social Security? Are you able to make up the money they will need? Do you have a pre-existing medical condition? Will you be able to obtain health coverage and how much will it cost? Do you or someone you know receive food stamps? Are you going to be able to help buy groceries they need? Are you going to be able help feed their children? More than half of food stamps go to feed children. 

Do you remember when our rivers and streams were terribly polluted? Without the social legislation that protects them, do you think we can rely on the “good will” of the polluters to do the right thing? 

“Failed Democratic socialists” are proposing to care for our family, neighbors and our planet by increasing access to affordable health care, creating millions of good-paying jobs in renewable energy, supporting our teachers and investing in our schools, creating a more just criminal justice system, and continuing to protect all American citizens no matter the race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

I am proud to live in the country that we have become. I am hoping that we can make a great country even better.

Louis Vitale