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Sign stealers should be denounced

To the Editor:

Trump tends to project onto others what he is planning to do or has done. When he says that Democrats can’t win the election without cheating, what he really means is that he needs to cheat to win. We have seen this being before our eyes with Trump and Republicans dismantling of the Postal Service to hinder delivery of mail in ballots, removal of voting locations in a number of states controlled by Republicans, and various forms of voter suppression.

It would appear that some local Republicans are making their contribution to cheating. Someone is pulling up Biden/Harris signs around the county. In some cases stealing signs from the same location repeatedly. One case involved someone going onto the porch of a home to steal a Biden banner. The Democratic Party Headquarters has been vandalized with candidate signs being stolen and even the U.S. flag being taken.

These would appear to be from folks aligned with the party of “law and order” who don’t see unethical or criminal behavior as a problem. If these vandals are not Republicans, the Republican Party should denounce them.

JoAnne McElroy