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Trump has many accomplishments

To the Editor:

I keep hearing the term systemic racism. I assume this means racism built into our nation’s systems and policies for years and years. I guess the latest example in our media is supposed to be the black persons killed by cops even though many more whites by far are killed by cops annually than blacks. 

I think people easily want to forget all the previous presidents we’ve had that didn’t recognize or do anything about any supposed systemic racism. Even eight years of Obama and Biden didn’t give importance to this cause or do anything to rectify any supposed built-in racism in our many government agencies/departments. Seems the last administration was too busy depleting our military, not protecting our embassies, pandering to Middle East despots and cozying up to China so they could steal our jobs and technology. No wonder people were tired of the same old swamp approach and wanted an outsider with some backbone! 

Now we’ve got an abrasive New Yorker who was raised in Queens. People knew he wasn’t a polished, silver-tongued, experienced politician and therefor has made many verbal blunders. His everyday language and sometimes clumsy words and phrases are always used against him by various media, groups and political parties. These entities have agendas to dethrone and further the unrest so they can use this to reinstall their old status quo. Their slanted organized repeated talking points push that any unrest is always Trump’s fault for the history of any supposed systemic racism. 

Nonetheless, I believe his policies and successes so far show he loves this country and works hard to make it the best for all legal residents. Experience shows that once a strong outside executive is chosen to lead any entrenched organization with a new approach, the organization will rebel in order to maintain the status quo. Just like the entrenched swamp has pulled out all the stops to oust the new administration even if they have to make it up to disrupt or like some recent ads. It’s hard to believe Trump had the stamina to not only withstand the onslaught but still managed quite a few accomplishments to help the nation. 

For the future, I can’t imagine why any of our brightest and smartest would ever choose to be abused and fight the political machine to be president. Seems the system now only promotes smooth talkers with charisma that have built connections and have no experience operating a business. 

Mark Franklin