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For news, look beyond ‘The Frame’

To the Editor:

The “Frame” is the view of the world news you get from the Main-Stream Media (MSM). The analogy is a picture in a “frame” where you can’t see what else the painter/photographer had in their total field-of-view; you only get to see what the painter/photographer wanted you to see.

In the context of the “news” reports the MSM controls what you see inside of their “frame” and they decide what else there is in the total view that you don’t get to see. They determine what they want you to see/hear/read and don’t address information they don’t want you to know, i.e., they “cherry-pick” the news.

The MSM “Frame” is constantly your only view of the world they want you to have and promotes the agenda of the MSM, which certainly is not the “conservative” viewpoint.

The upcoming election will only have increased MSM coverage with their biases imbedded in all they “report.” The self-proclaimed “expert commentators” will try to convince you that they know what is “best” for you and that you are not sufficiently intelligent to make decisions on your own.   

Please seek additional information sources beyond the MSM in order to get the total view of the circumstances involved in the election. Attempt to avoid the MSM “frame”; determine the total view; seek the truth; and avoid the “news” that is partially, if not totally, fabricated. 

Then please vote in November. 

The future of our country depends on you.

Tom Rodgers