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Macon to end county COVID-19 regulations May 8

Regulations imposed in Macon County in connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic will be repealed, canceled and ended effective 5 p.m. May 8. Executive Orders of the Governor of the State of North Carolina are still valid and remain in full force and effect, including a stay at home order, limits on mass gatherings, and retain social distancing requirements.
The governor of the State of North Carolina recently shared information about how North Carolina can gradually and safely reopen over three phases beginning approximately May 8. The Macon County Health Department has also made recommendations for a reopening of Macon County in phases consistent with the plan released by the governor.
With the number of COVID-19 positive patients having a minimal impact to date on the health care system in Macon County and with provisions available to pause reopening actions or take further actions deemed necessary and appropriate in the future, the regulations so imposed by the Emergency Management Coordinator are deemed no longer necessary as of May 8.
Macon County residents and visitors to our county are strongly urged to follow the state's standards for social distancing. All businesses should also follow recommended social distancing and hygiene practices.

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