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Cast of characters

something bruinDavey Webb (alias Davey Williams): an agent with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources who first started hunting with the Crisps in the fall of 2010.

Chad Arnold (alias Chad Ryan): an agent with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission who started hunting with the Crisps in 2011. 

Chad Crisp: a Graham County native who comes from a long line of hunters. He has received the harshest sentence of any of the hunters so far, shipping out last week to start his 20-month prison sentence. 

Rachelle Crisp: the wife of Chad Crisp and a stay-at-home mom for their two children, ages 6 and 7.

David Crisp: Chad Crisp’s father and owner of Crisp Boat Dock, convicted of one hunting violation and sentenced to 90 days in jail. 

Linda Crisp: Chad’s mother and David’s wife, she has been one of the most vocal critics of the operation. She alleges both men are innocent and were treated unfairly. 

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