HCC Film and Video students finish film by one of their own

Students in Haywood Community College’s Film and Video Production Technology Program just finished an original film written by one of its students.

According to instructor Edwin Dennis, the entire project was completed in six weeks.

”This project is like a calling card for these students,” Dennis explained. “Besides giving them experience in all areas of production, we also plan to send the film to festivals.”

HCC student Dylan Crouch wrote and directed the film titled “Beyond Return.” He calls it a mix between fantasy and dark comedy. Crouch has been involved in many film projects as a student in the program.

“We began using cameras from the first year in the program and have had freedom to try different things,” Crouch said.

HCC student Wayne Bastedo is the producer of “Beyond Return.” The project allowed him to see how the scheduling of a project of this nature is adjusted daily. He explained that exterior scenes had to be ready first, but the indoor scenes had to be in place in case of inclement weather.

Bastedo is starting a second career. As a former corporate attorney for Western Union, he sees the similarities of law and film. “Words are crucial in both fields,” Bastedo explains. “Working on these projects has given me a chance to see the big picture of how it all fits together. This is a high level production with little money. It took a lot of hard work and cooperative effort.”

Bastedo has always been interested in movies and writing for film. He has worked on a novel for several years and would like to turn it into a screen production.

According to HCC student and director of photography for the project, Matthew Yates, the film and video instructors are very encouraging.

“The instructors talk to you on an equal level,” Yates said. “They encourage you to practice the craft as much as you can and use equipment to get a firm grasp.”

Several HCC students involved in “Beyond Return” have worked on other films while students at HCC including “Crazy Mary,” “Uncle Albert,” and a project for last year’s 48 Hour Film Festival in Asheville. They have also been involved with a series of biotechnology videos that will be distributed to each community college in the state.

According to Dennis, the goal of the film and video program is to give students practical experience in film making and hands on experience in an exciting creative community.

“I want to encourage students to pursue their dreams while giving them the foundation needed to make a living,” Dennis said.

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