WestCare employees excited about changes

To the Editor:

Recently, we the employees of WestCare learned of an exciting decision that we are entering into a  partnership with Duke LifePoint Healthcare that will provide resources to help our hospitals in Sylva and Bryson City and our outpatient care center in Franklin serve our community. The new relationship will mean that MedWest is dissolved and WestCare will continue to maintain our long-standing clinical relationship with Mission Health.

This decision did not happen overnight. We have to thank our dedicated WestCare Board of Trustees and our representatives on the MedWest Board who have devoted countless hours over the last 18 months trying to find the right partner. The care of our local communities and the best interests of the dedicated WestCare employees and physicians remained their top priority in the decision-making process. 

We owe them much gratitude for ensuring that our local hospitals are viable for generations to come. Too many hospitals in the current healthcare environment have had to close their doors, but thanks to our WestCare Board of Trustees and our MedWest Board of Representatives, we have a bright future. This sentiment was echoed by staff at recent WestCare employee forums with reactions being hope and optimism. We believe that our new collaboration will lead WestCare into an era of improved health services and technology that would not have been financially possible before.

So if the opportunity presents itself, please reach out to the below listed WestCare Board of Trustee members and our representatives on the MedWest Board and let them know that you appreciate their relentless pursuit of healthcare excellence for our communities.

Board members include: Elizabeth “Bunny” Johns, Daniel Allison, Martha Anderson, MD, Lowell Crisp, Cliff Faull, MD, Joe Hurt, MD, Timothy Lewis, Stephanie Treadway, Ann Marie Wright, John Buenting, MD, Heather Baker, David Thomas, MD, Chuck Wooten and Mark Tyson

 Our MedWest Board of Directors representatives include: Elizabeth “Bunny” Johns, Cliff Faull, MD, Larry Selby, MD, Ed Lewis, MD, Mark Tyson, John Burton and Jerry McKinney.

Submitted on behalf of 288 WestCare employees.

Marian Garrett


 Mike Grezlik


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