Zoning advocates had predictable response

To the Editor:

The response from zoning advocates — to my letter that was printed two weeks ago — was typical. There will always be people who place their aesthetic values over the rights of others. They will be supported by those who would like to eliminate more competition in the apartment business or other businesses. Then the people who think more government regulation is the answer to everything will gladly advance the effort of a small coalition of people who want to clean up old Cullowhee into an underhanded attempt to zone thousands of acres from Locust Creek to East Laport.

The approximately 300 property owners who may be about to have their property strictly zoned should have already been notified by certified mail of this possibility. The notion that these property owners should show up at meetings dominated by people who have been organizing for over two years is ridiculous. Questionnaires could have been sent out with tax notices.

Explain the U.S. 441 corridor zoning ordinance and what it has meant to us all instead of hiding behind the word “planning.”

Most all of us would like to see a more healthy Cullowhee, but shouldn’t it be accomplished in an approved democratic procedure (such as incorporation) with the vote of the majority of affected property owners?

Mike Clark


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