Make the right choice: Hayden Rogers

To the Editor:

We in the mountains are known to be suspicious of outsiders who want to tell us how we should live. Mark Meadows, a native Floridian, moved into our area and has made millions buying and selling Highlands area mountaintops to summertime residents. He has no real “small business” experience, as he implies in his ads, doesn’t have any experience in politics, and knows no movers and shakers in Washington. But he knows how to tell us what to believe.

In looking at his campaign ads, it’s difficult to tell if he is running for Congress or running against President Obama. He wants to repeal Obamacare? Really? Replacing it with what? The candidates running against Obama never seem to get to the meat of what they would do to replace this legislation, which is a great benefit to us common folk. Mr. Meadows has made enough money building country clubs and millionaire homes to not have to worry about that. He wants to lower taxes and reward his golf buddies with millions in tax cuts. He is cut straight out of the playbook of political games and obstructionism in Washington.

He certainly has no interest in supporting local issues like the Corridor K project, nor has a clue as to how to help Swain County get its settlement money. He’s not one of us, and is more interested in political tricks as practiced by our current Congress than in representing you and mr.

On the other hand, we have Hayden Rogers, a local boy, born and raised in Western North Carolina. He is a fiscal conservative and an avid fisher and hunter. He loves these mountains just the way they are. He has been Heath Shuler’s right-hand man with years of experience of constituent service. Folks around here know him as a conservative with common sense. He knows how to get things done and who to talk with in D.C. He is well respected by leaders of both parties. He will work with Congress to get money for Swain County, promote Corridor K, and fully represent all the people in his district, not just the country-club fat-cats. He will be a highly moral, intelligent, and conservative voice for you and me.

We don’t often get to make such a clear-cut choice on who will represent us in Congress. Do we need another politician more concerned with his party than with his country, or do we elect one of our own to represent us? Make the right choice and vote for Hayden Rogers on Nov. 6.

Russell Breedlove

Bryson City

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