The tragedy of mass shootings, gun control

Hardly a week goes by without hearing about another tragic shooting, in a movie theater, a grocery store, a Washington, D.C. family political action office or in the streets of New York City at the Empire State building. Wow! We should do something. Outlaw guns is the first reaction, but is it the right one? Let’s examine the facts. 

Germany has some of the strictest gun control in the world. That’s what we should do, it will solve the problem. Guess what? Five of the worst mass shootings of school children in the past decade where in Germany. Then there is Norway, with very strong gun control laws, but one man was able to gun down almost 70 people with no fear of anyone standing up to him. Why? Because he was the only one with a gun. 

Of course, here at home in the state of Virginia, with significant gun regulations, we watched as Cho killed 32 fellow students at Virginia Tech.  

Now, a new threat to our 2nd Amendment rights comes from, of all places, outside the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is trying to commit our country to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty to regulate our American right to bear arms. Fortunately, the treaty has been tabled, but it is far from dead. There is global determination to disarm America from without and within. Note the following quotations from Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones at from July 29, 2012.

“Disarming America is undoubtedly a front and center political calculation for the globalists. A number of establishment intellectuals, with Joe Klein leading the pack at Time Magazine, are now pushing “sensible” and “moderate” approaches to disarming the American people. Klein’s Time article in August featured a photo of a 100-round ammo drum of the sort James Holmes supposedly used in Aurora. Gun-grabbers in Congress have set their sites on extended round clips and other firearm accessories. After the election finale in November and the installation of Mitt Romney or the re-installation of Barack Obama as chief teleprompter reader in January, not only will there be a push for a new round of restrictive gun laws in America, but the stalled United Nations treaty will be dusted off and the bickering between nations will finally end with a gun-grabbing consensus.”

Who we elect this fall will determine many factors, one of which is our right to bear arms and our freedom to protect ourselves from threats within and without. A weak president who is willing to compromise with our missile defense following the election as promised to the Russian president will not stand up for our rights in the face of global criticism. 

Kathie Flett


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