Invest in nature, not Ghost Town

To the Editor:

I have no problem with Ghost Town, and I wish them well in their efforts. But I don’t think Maggie Valley and Haywood County should count on it being some sort of economic engine to drive all business in the area. People go on vacations with various destinations in mind, like entertainment, historical and natural destinations. I think the entertainment portion is covered pretty well, but more can always be done. The historical is represented but can be improved upon. 

And I think the big thing this area has going for it that seems to be completely taken for granted are the natural destinations — two national parks and two national forests in Haywood County. My feeling is that there needs to be more emphasis made to embrace the natural attractions of the area and find ways to create businesses that cater to them. 

The mountains bring the people here, we just need to find a way to create an authentic experience for them. Pigeon Forge has the Hee Haw/hillbilly thing wrapped up pretty well, and WNC should strive to attract people to the mountains themselves and to all you can do in and around the national parks and forests.

Scott Stevens

Maggie Valley

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