Obama wants to limit free speech rights

To the Editor:

Albert Einstein, who was a genius both in mathematics and in understanding human motivation, said the following: “... Leaders came to their power not by their ability to think and to make decisions, but by their faculty to impress, to persuade and to use the shortcomings of their fellow beings.”

That insight seems to fit Barack Obama. He is a very glib, persuasive, snake-oil salesman who knows how to garner votes. He gives benefits and money to illegal aliens and phony welfare recipients. Please notice the emphasis is on the word phony; genuinely disabled people and those trying to earn a living but who lose their jobs certainly deserve welfare help. But, Obama helps all the people who are perfectly able-bodied but who don’t want to work. That’s how he gets votes.

His recent speech, in which he clearly despises the free-enterprise system and entrepreneurs by announcing that it’s the government who has been responsible for prosperity, not individuals, starkly shows his socialist, maybe communist, leanings. Obama is trying to force this country into becoming a socialist state.

Many believe and have strongly stated they think he is the Anti-Christ. I have no opinion on that, but I do believe he is a budding tyrant. His disdain for individual rights shows in every speech. Beware. If he is re-elected, you will not be able to write a letter like this!

JoAnna Swanson


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