Wealthy are gaining too much political power

To the Editor:

OccupyWNC, an affiliate of MovetoAmend.com, along with groups all across the United States, has worked diligently to bring resolutions to the attention of local governments. The resolutions propose, in part, that an amendment should be brought before Congress to negate the Supreme Courts “Citizen United” case which is interpreted to declare that corporations are people.

The towns of Franklin, Bryson City, Webster and Highlands have passed resolutions and other towns are pending. Macon County has yet to put us on their agenda (soon we hope).

We have been turned down by one. We will not be deterred. Resolutions have been presented to both the N.C. House and Senate by some forward-thinking representatives, but they did not get to a vote this session.

These justices gave the wealthiest Americans the power to further control our government. The 0.01 percent are using their financial power to make sure their core agenda in government would be theirs alone. Their number one priority is to protect the wealth and power of the privileged class and in the process, this election cycle, to make sure our President does not serve a second term.

We can fight back. Be involved! Work locally to make sure everyone is aware of the Movement to Amend.

 Joan Palmroos


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