Redefining marriage is always defeated

To the Editor:

According to recent letters to the editor, Christians, or anyone else, should not be allowed to vote on amendments the “tolerant left” does not support.  This form of discrimination and attacks on Christianity continues to grow in this country and people will continue to defend their right to make individual choices at the ballot box according to their beliefs.

Our basic laws are derived from the book of Leviticus, for those not familiar you can find that in the Holy Bible. Our Constitution states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion; it does not say that religious people can’t participate in government and elections.

We did not hear mournful cries when President Obama supported the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, before he needed to raise money for reelection. Gays and lesbians are lobbying for special rights that are not necessary. They already have equal rights. Our laws also prevent same-sex heterosexuals from marrying, period.

The LGBT are protected in our constitutions as individuals and rightfully can’t be discriminated against for their lifestyle, nor should they receive special status and privileges. For those living an alternative lifestyle, there are alternative resources to provide for each other, same as those used for heterosexuals who choose to live together.

Many churches publicly supported the marriage amendment, some remained silent and some were against it. How can one say it was “protestant’s forcing their religious beliefs on the populace” when churches clearly supported different views? Were there only Protestants voting for it? Were all the 38 percent that voted against it secularists? What name should we give to the 65.34 percent of registered voters that did not vote?

In contrast, the LGBT are trying to force their beliefs on the majority who continue to stand against changing the definition of marriage. Thirty one states so far have felt it necessary to exercise their 10th Amendment rights in this battle to affirm and defend the definition of marriage. In those 31 states the amendment has passed with a majority ranging from 52 percent to 86 percent. Six states and the District of Columbia allow same sex marriage through legislation or the judicial system, but have not done so by a referendum or amendment, ignoring their constitution and denying the people a vote. In North Carolina 92 out of 100 counties voted for the amendment. Over 50 percent of the states’ Defense Of Marriage Amendments have passed with 62 percent and higher majority. Every time a state has put this issue on a referendum-type ballot, the attack to redefine marriage has failed, twice in California.

There is nothing hateful, fearful or ignorant about standing firm that marriage is between a man and a woman. How could maybe 3 percent of the population have the right to redefine marriage for everyone else? Liberals are always in favor of majority rule, taking a stand and every vote counts, except when they lose.

Carol Odom


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