Newspaper criticism was just off the mark

To the Editor:

I had to read “Shame on you, SMN, for poking fun” (Smoky Mountain News, Feb. 1 edition) twice before I grasped that Danya VanHook was serious in her criticism of The Smoky Mountain News and hurt by receiving the “Public Service Award.” Considering her accomplishments and service to the community (which were pointed out by the award), it didn’t cross my mind that Ms VanHook (or anyone) would take offense at remarks that were nothing but complimentary in nature (which I’m positive the editor intended to be).

To be honest, I was a little disappointed not to have been included among the “Annual Newsmaker Awards” recipients. Having been rebuffed three times by “North Carolina Teach” (through WCU) for a lateral licensure, I thought I would surely qualify for the “Least Likely to Look Good in a Dress Award.”

David L. Snell  


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