Liberals will take this country down

To The Editor:

Before Shirley Ches graced us with her commentary on the state of the universe in her recent letter to a local paper, most of us didn’t know we had a spokesperson for USA Earthlings right here in Franklin.

Mz. Ches evidently presumes to speak for all liberals in her tirade against us who “mouth our pledge, sing our national anthem and wave our flag.” She says that reports show that the “trickle down” theory had been disproved. She says conservative economics has sent jobs overseas. I say outrageous wages demanded by labor unions forced business overseas in order to compete. I say that our egregious corporate tax rates have forced business overseas.

Mz. Ches’ sense of timing, or lack of it, challenges only her lack of understanding in the ways of the world she claims as hers.  With our government tied in knots trying to save our economy from the destructive liberal policies of the current administration, Mz. Chez says that conservatives would deny care to the ill, elderly, children, jobless, etc., by trying to save the future of the country she claims to speak for.

Mz. Ches maintains that our bloated government is the way to go, just like Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal have gone in the past and are now, or soon will feel the pain of their liberal past. That’s working out well, don’t you think? She says our concerns of important issues are skewed. She says that those who pay taxes are robbing “her” people by not paying more.

Mz. Ches says that me and my kind, who exhibit religious zeal, are hypocrites.  Fortunately, Mz. Ches is not the ultimate judge she seems to think she is. Her crowd of Earthlings has created havoc in this country and will soon be taken down by the vast majority of the voting public who resent her scorn and thoughts of superiority.

Don Swanson


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