Funding cuts will help us all

To the Editor:

As soon as the federal budget was delivered to Congress, members like Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders trotted out the age-old whine that conservatives want to harm women and children. The fact is that without deep spending cuts all of us, but especially our children and grandchildren, will be saddled for years to come with high taxes and a lowered quality of life to pay for the our generation’s government debt. The federal government and many states are bankrupt thanks to irresponsible spending by Congress and legislatures.

Now all sides are weighing in with ideas to rein in the debt and future spending. In almost every case citizens will be asked to sacrifice with higher taxes and a myriad of taxes on numerous products and services. How about beginning with the sacrifice of those who brought us to this point – our elected officials. Let’s cut deeply into their perks, staffs and expenses, including the cadillac healthcare and pension programs enjoyed by members of Congress and the executive branch of the federal government.

Other suggestions on where to cherry pick for cuts – defense, entitlements, agencies and government supported organizations. But, the response is “ oh no, not me” as in the case of Wisconsin teachers who demonstrated in mass at their state capital.

Instead of singling out any one area, let’s cut 20 percent across the board. That would be cuts to all in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government as well as every agency and department and special interest groups.  

Private businesses create an annual budget every year and if the budget is lower than the previous year, department heads are told “here is your operating fund; you make the cuts needed to meet the current budget.” That makes sense to me. Do we need czars who are a duplication of bureaucrats already in place reporting only to the White House and paid thousands of dollars a year? Why do we continue to have troops and bases in countries like Germany?

Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, all taxpayers should be demanding that elected officials get our fiscal houses in order immediately before these government bankruptcies truly collapse not only our way of life but also the ability to maintain our position in the world.

Carol Adams


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