Middle class needs the tax break

To the Editor:

Regarding the Nov. 14 Associated Press article in the Asheville Citizen-Times, “GOP lawmakers stand tall for all Bush tax cuts,” I see the next two years in Congress as totally unproductive — thanks to the Republicans taking control of the House.

The voters said their main concern was the economy and jobs. The Republicans, ignoring the voters concern, still seem to have an agenda to benefit the rich. They want the Bush tax cuts extended permanently for the wealthy (all congressmen’s incomes far exceed the $200,000 so this seems like a conflict of interest). The Republicans want to repeal the Obama Health Care package rather than tweak the plan (Rep Joe Barton, R-Texas). If repealed, there will never be a new agreed to health care plan.

The Republicans have said one of their main focuses will be to make this Obama’s last term. Who will help pay for the cost of two conflicts (Iraqi and Afghanistan)? I firmly believe the “trickle up, not trickle down effect” will benefit the economy most. Permanently extend the Bush tax breaks to the middle class so they will have the money to spend on goods and services that will benefit the rich and big business. The rich have benefitted for many years under the Bush tax cut, but has that helped the economy? Give the money to the rich and they will not invest in business expansion until the consumers can buy goods and services, then and only then will big business expand, thus helping the economy dig itself out of the recession. The Bush tax extension should be permanent for the middle class and allowed to lapse for the rich. By not extending the tax breaks for the wealthy, the increased taxes could be used to help begin repaying our debt. Now is the time for the two parties to work with each other, not against each other.

Unfortunately the voters who put the Republicans in control are in for a rude awakening. Time will tell, and I hope I am wrong.

Ron Rookstool

Maggie Valley

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