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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 15:56

Phillip Price has common sense

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To the Editor:

If you elect Phillip Price to Congress, he will work toward some moderate, common-sense policy shifts that the overwhelming majority of Americans supports: expanding background checks, coming to the aid of women who seek protection from abusive partners with firearms, combating illegal gun trafficking, and improving the background check system with better records reporting. Phillip Price will stand for these values and also uphold the right to bear arms established in the Bill of Rights. We can do both.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-Asheville, casts his votes for the benefit of the NRA. They both want to turn our country into an armed camp. The NRA is a trade association that’s more focused on corporate profits than the rights of gun owners. Mr. Meadows continues to support NRA instead of discussing crucial gun control issues.  Can’t we agree on a few simple rules about gun ownership that honor the Second Amendment while protecting Americans from random gun violence?

Michelle Price (wife of Phillip Price)


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blog comments powered by Disqus