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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 15:55

Time to remove Trump from office

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To the Editor:

By whatever authority you use one thing is clear: Donald Trump’s presidency is unraveling and accelerating faster than we can logically follow.

When Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) likened the Trump White House to an “adult day-care center,” he was only parroting what people close to the president have been saying from the beginning.  Despite his aides’ best efforts, insiders describe Trump as “increasingly unfocused” and “consumed by dark moods,” the very same mental picture painted of Nixon at the end of his presidency.

Unmistakably, Trump is in way over his head and, in my opinion, would be wise to remove himself from office. Otherwise the Republican leadership must take the necessary steps in addressing the common belief that Trump is not psychologically or morally equipped to be president and remove him from office.

Unfortunately the present Republican leadership seems far more absorbed and committed to dismantling Obama’s legacy than attending to the business of governing and holding in check our responsibilities here and throughout the world.

Given that invoking the 25th Amendment to remove a president requires a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress (and Republicans enjoy a majority in both Houses), that remedy is presently impractical and therefore ill-advised.

That does not however, negate the fact that President Trump, by his own words and deeds, daily (in my view) proves himself incapable of adequately performing the complex duties of his office. As Michael Cohen in The Boston Globe eloquently phrased it, Trump is “an unbearable, infuriating, enraging, and draining presence in our national life.” Amen to that.

David L. Snell


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