Rep. Presnell should not politicize school boards

To the Editor:

As a former teacher of children with learning disabilities in Alabama, I have experienced the politicization resulting from school board elections. Shame on you, Rep. Michelle Presnell, for introducing a bill to politicize the school board by making elections partisan.

 By April of the first two years I taught, we teachers were having to buy or to go without materials as basic as notebook paper and pencils for student in a district with all low-income children. Of course, we bought them. But we could not clone ourselves so children had enough teachers. 

It is yet another attempt to get people elected who want to annihilate public education. Your bill isn’t being fiscally responsible — it is anti-Christian, anti-democracy, and inhumane.

In Alabama we had bumper stickers that read “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

I know I cannot change your mind as you yourself have conjured up with this piece of ideological legislation, but I promise you that your every act of ignoring the wishes of your constituents is putting another nail in your political future’s coffin. We are retired and have all the time in the world to campaign against you. We have already begun.

Mary Jane Curry


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