Patriot faction not being honest

To the Editor:

Each of Ms. Becky Johnson’s two articles about the Haywood Republican Party were well researched and accurately reported. The actions demonstrated the strength and resolve of the “mainstream Republicans” and the ineffectiveness of the “patriot faction.”

Some of the comments received by Ms. Johnson are comical: 

• “Corrupt” — Ms. Joy Diettle should provide specific details of corruption to have credibility. 

• “Christian conservative” — the Christians that I go to church with do not publish the vile, uncivil, fact-free, slanderous and libelous rants that come from the patriot faction. 

• “Commies,” “socialists,” “crooked,” “underhanded” — not true. 

• “Deceitful” — hardly. Proper notification of precinct  meetings was made giving each side time to muster support. 

• “Cheat sheet” — did the patriot faction already forget the thousands of voter guides that were handed out at the November elections? 

• “Set up” — the patriot faction had every opportunity to recruit support. 

• “Exorcism” — that’s what you do to a cancer, cut it out. 

• “It is too soon to say whether the sides are ready to put the past behind them.” The first test was at the initial meeting of the newly formed Executive Committee. Only one of the two precinct chairmen from the patriot faction even deigned to attend. A motion was made that no recording devices be used. Chairman Ken Henson made a point of stating that he had no objection to recording the meeting. The motion passed with a 15 to 1 vote, but that did not deter Monroe Miller from publishing in an email that “dictator Henson” would not allow recording the meeting. 

However, revenge, not healing or unity, appears to be a motivator. Readers will remember Mr. Miller from an article by Ms. Johnson on Jan. 28, 2015. Mr. Miller was quoted as saying: “You see, my mom loved politics and was heavily involved. That was about the time when the GOP told my parents, ‘You are not from here. We don’t want you. Leave.’ Every time I think of that, it strengthens my resolve to do something about that here and now.”

Time will tell.

Ted Carr 


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