Enjoy the articles by Chris Cox

To the Editor:

I sure enjoy the opinion columns by Chris Cox in The Smoky Mountain News. I enjoy reading it as no holds are barred and the paper tells it like it is. Keep them coming on our one-term (or less) President Donald Rump.

Yes, how can one not help to realize he will do anything to stay in the daily press.

Sure wish you would also write about our N.C. legislature obstructionist, Rep. Michele Presnell, R-Burnsville. Now she will see to it that the Haywood County School board will become partisan. As if she has not done enough to block making the tax collector an appointed position and blocking the Waynesville-Lake Junaluska merger, etc. She is almost as bad as our President. 

If only the voters would look at the issues and not vote party line. Just too many uniformed voters. 

Ron Rookstool

Maggie Valley

Editor’s note: Recent columns by Chris Cox about Donald Trump have been creating a frenzy of responses online. We asked two of those who took part in the online conversation if we could use their pieces as letters to the editor, and they agreed. 

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