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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 15:45

You just can’t fix stupid

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To the Editor:

First off, no anonymous person here. My name is Sandy Sanders. I read Chris Cox column a few weeks ago and started to write you but figured why bother. But after reading today’s bull crap column I couldn’t resist. 

Cox is nothing but another hater who can’t face the fact that Trump won and Clinton lost! Thank God because four more years of the Obama way would have destroyed this country! That Muslim communist spent eight years trying to destroy this country and almost did. 

I sent articles to your worthless editor about Obama and Clinton and he refused to print any of them. He just dogged Trump like you do. You two are prime examples of worthless journalists. The sad fact is that you are allowed to teach any of our children. Only in America, right? 

If losers like you would just sit back, shut the f-up and let the man do his job, maybe you would be surprised. You didn’t dog Obama and he did nothing; oh wait, he tripled our debt! Feel free to respond anytime. There is a saying which fits you and Scott McLeod perfectly: you can’t fix stupid.

Sandy Sanders


Editor’s note: Recent columns by Chris Cox about Donald Trump have been creating a frenzy of responses online. We asked two of those who took part in the online conversation if we could use their pieces as letters to the editor, and they agreed.

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blog comments powered by Disqus