Friends of the Smokies telethon to air

out telethonFriends of the Smokies will take to the silver screen from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 14, for the 20th annual Friends Across the Mountains Telethon to benefit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Over the last two decades the broadcast has raised more than $2.9 million. 

Asheville’s WLOS Channel 13 will carry the broadcast, with the goal to raise money for Friends projects including rehabilitating Chimney Tops Trail, suppressing hemlock woolly adelgid, supporting bear and elk management and funding Parks as Classrooms environmental education programs for more than 18,000 students.

Donations can be made by calling the toll-free phone line during the broadcast, online at or by calling 828.452.0720 for a donation form to be mailed. 

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