N.C. citizens do not want fracking

To the Editor:

“I not only voted for the law, I was one of the co-sponsors,” Davis said. “I’m really comfortable with what they’ve done.”

“Overwhelmingly, they’re against fracking,” he said. “I think those people are concerned. My background is in science and I’m concerned as well. But as long as we can do this safely, I think it’s a good thing.”

Listed above are two quotes from Sen. Jim Davis, R-Franklin, in the article “ Fracking opposition organizes in WNC” from The Smoky Mountain News (July 9 issue). 

After reading this article I was outraged by the disregard for public safety and public opinion when it comes to fracking in North Carolina. 

I would like to remind all “representatives” in the N.C. House and Senate that they are elected to those positions to represent the constituents in their districts. If the overwhelming majority of your constituents are against fracking, for very good reasons, then why vote to fast track it. One huge problem in politics today is that legislators vote for themselves and their party first and not for the citizens that elected them. 

I also do not think that Sen. Davis’ background as an orthodontist in no way, shape or more classifies him as an expert in fracking for natural gas. The Republicans in the legislature are ruining this great state that I was born and raised for future generations to come. I hope they all get what they deserve come election time. 

Tyler Beamer

Maggie Valley

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