GOP works to make Haywood better

To the Editor:

This is in response to Mitchell E. Powell’s letter to the editor, “‘Group is hurting Haywood GOP,” in the June 4 edition of The Smoky Mountain News.

Powell attended only a few meetings in his short stint with the Haywood County Republican Party. While campaigning for vice chair he said he was against any new taxes, yet in his short time in office he was the only executive committee member to vote during straw polls in favor of two proposed tax increases. Many believe this action placed him far left of the mainstream Republicans.

I don’t recall anyone making him the spokesman for all the citizens of Haywood County or the Republican Party, as he would have you to believe in his letter.

Most people I have talked to in our county want to see liberties preserved, low taxes, smaller government, less spending and low debt. I hear this from Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians from all walks of life. This is mainstream in our county and not a small group.

As for his statements about my wife Debbie and I causing consistent problems at every meeting as well as statements regarding votes, they are flat-out lies from Powell. In all the years I have attended meetings, I have never voted as an executive member. Debbie is an asset to the Republican Party. She has served in many offices in the party, each time winning the seat with unanimous support. She has worked to bring people into the organization. We have gone from a handful to standing room only in many meetings. She knows full well that the precinct chairs are the lifeblood of the party. During executive meetings everyone may not agree on every issue, but discussion where the issues are debated is healthy and helpful to organizations.

The Republican Party has many people who will work hard to make this a better county. I hope our party will grow in strength, unity, and number over the next few months.

Denny King


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