Robinson will support education, teachers

To the Editor:

As I discuss the upcoming District 50 senatorial campaign with my neighbors, it is becoming clear to me that they are deeply troubled by the current senator from Franklin.  They are especially disappointed in his unwillingness to support our public schools. They know that the tactics being used by Republicans in the North Carolina legislature now are part of a long-range plan to privatize education. Almost all local school systems recognize this fact and realize they must steel themselves for a struggle against these ill-advised attacks.

Ron Robinson is a voice of reason. He knows that our public schools face great challenges. He wants to work to meet those challenges rather than run from them. He knows that the latest technology must be made available to our students. He knows it is wrong for vouchers to bleed money out of the public schools for which they are constitutionally mandated.

Ron pledges to work with a proven system of public education. He will make every effort to raise all teacher salaries to at least the national average. He will push to restore due process and, thereby, provide a sense of security for them when political changes come about.

I urge you, your friends and family to vote for Ron Robinson in the upcoming election. 

Dave Waldrop


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