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lw abelwellnessBy Katie Reeder • SMN Intern 

Whether it is teaching a Pilates or karate class or performing massage therapy, much of the work at Abel Wellness revolves around restoring balance to the body.

fr schoolshootersIf Alice Bradley hadn’t been warming up her school bus at 5 a.m. last Thursday before heading out on her daily route, an incident involving armed suspects at South Macon Elementary School could have possibly ended in tragedy.

medicalMacon County Sheriff Robbie Holland has found some recent budget relief since Angel Medical Center took over supervising mental health patients that are brought in for evaluation.

art frCruising through downtown Franklin, one begins to wonder where exactly is the Lazy Hiker Brewing Company. You’ve been told it’s on Main Street, but where? And just as you begin to debate when to turn around and try again, your vehicle hits the crest of a steep downhill. 

Over the rise appears a building illuminated, like a lighthouse on the high seas of a vast and unknown Southern Appalachian night. It’s a building of people and purpose. You’re here. You’ve made it to opening night of Franklin’s first craft brewery.

taxesMacon County property taxes will be going up next year as the value of property values has decreased by almost $2 billion.

fr hospicehouseThe Hospice House Foundation of WNC is in the midst of a major fundraising campaign to construct and operate a six-bed hospice house in Franklin.

fr smartpharmAfter years of education and learning the pharmaceutical ropes, Jacob Reiche had just about reached the end of his.

schoolsAs the Macon County budget process gets under way, education spending will be one of the meatier items up for discussion.

fr exchangeWhen Donna Bell invited the first exchange student into her home seven years ago, she had no idea the lasting impact it would have on her family as well as the lives of the students.

fr maconplanningWith the six-month process of getting a nuisance noise ordinance passed behind them, members of the Macon County Planning Board now have some new assignments.

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