Once again, we need to save Needmore

To the Editor:

After all the time and effort put forth by the citizens of Macon and Swain counties, the NCDOT is back again wanting to pave Needmore Road. It seems the public gets to have its input, but does anyone listen? We have our say, but we are not heard. Things seem to be settled for a short period, but then it’s right back again. Most of the people do not want to see their history, heritage and our beautiful God-made mountains and rivers destroyed.

In the early 1900s, Needmore was purchased to make way for a dam. The dam never materialized, so in 2003 it was designated as a wildlife sanctuary. As people discovered its beauty and diversity, more and more people came. Now the uniqueness that it was created for has turned into its worst enemy — everybody wants to come, and they want it changed to suit themselves. Forget wildlife, beauty, peace, etc. Now it’s “I want this, I want that, I want I want; I don’t want this old gravel road. I want a nice new paved one.”

My grandchildren love to go to Needmore. They love to get on the swinging bridge, look at rocks and wildflowers, and see all the wonders they would not get to see. It is amazing to them. At Needmore they are free to roam.

Needmore is also a sportsman’s paradise. They can hunt, swim, canoe, walk for miles, look at wildflowers, birds and experience a little piece of undisturbed natural beauty,

Don’t pave Needmore, save Needmore.

Judie Parrish Whitus

(Editor’s note: The final draft of the following letter was received before removal of the maples on the courthouse lawn was tarted. Several of the trees have now been removed.)

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