Is Romney really the person you want?

To the Editor:

After listening to Mitt Romney’s excuses over the last several months for what he has and is saying, I have a question I hope will resonate with all voters: Are we really ready to have a president who “flip-flops” every time he gets caught by registered non-GOP voters (many of us in the 47 percent that he’s not concerned about). Oh wait, that’s something else he said and got caught on tape.

Is this the person you want in the White House representing you to world leaders and having his finger on the red button for nuclear war? I know I certainly don’t! We have been in enough wars, have lost more than enough of our younger adult generation and reached the brink of bankruptcy due to Republican “leadership.”

Please take this information to heart and make your decision to vote for our current president, who has taken action to help many factions of our country’s population. According to the Department of Health and Human Services Report on Sept. 11, his Affordable Care Act has saved consumers an estimated $2.1 billion on health insurance premiums. That certainly has helped many families in middle- and low-income populations.

I used to be a conservative registered Republican, but after the Bush dynasty I couldn’t in good faith to my country and fellow voters stay on their registered voters list. Now I am registered as an Independent voter.

Think back on the mistakes, poor judgment and actions the last few Republican presidents have made and we will understand why the current candidate is not using either of them to speak for his candidacy. Protect your Social Security and Medicare funds that you worked for your entire life and have earned. Vote the Democratic slate in tNovember, to help yourself and your loved ones.

It’s your choice, so stand up for your future financial benefits, or lose them to a party who is threatening to severely reduce or eliminate many of the entitlements we earned and need.

Valerie Harrison


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