Shouldn’t tolerance go both ways

To the Editor:

If you have listened to TV news or seen the national print media since Tuesday, May 8, you have heard  and read some of the most disgraceful, denigrating referrals to the state of North Carolina and North Carolina voters. Why? Because by an over 60 percent margin North Carolina voters passed a constitutional amendment that states marriage here is between one man and one woman.

Of course there are people in North Carolina and throughout the nation who disagree with the amendment. On the other hand 31 states, over half of the states in the United States, have also voted for a similar status that marriage is between one man and one woman.

It is obvious that liberals and the far left, including the mainstream media, have no tolerance for any person, institution or voter whose positions include that marriage is between one man and one woman. Yet it appears that those disagreeing entities demand that everyone tolerate their same sex marriage position fully.

Liberals and the far left continually throw around the idea that tolerance is a characteristic we all should embrace. This is their perfect opportunity to practice what they preach.

Carol Adams


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