Night hunting now legal for wild hogs

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission now allows hunting of feral swine and wild hogs at night — but hunters need a special permit. The permit is free and is available at The permits are valid through March 31.

The permit does not grant access to any property. Landholders must grant permission to enter private or public property lawfully. The permit does not grant access to take feral swine on state game land.

In an effort to reduce the nuisance and invasive wild hog population, the state has made hunting laws for wild boar as liberal as possible, hoping to solicit the help of hunters to eliminate the invasive beasts. There is now no limit on the number of wild hogs, classified as feral swine, that a hunter can shoot and they can be hunted year-round.

The non-native animals compete with native wildlife and pose significant threats to the environment and agricultural operations.

As for the new night hunting rule, archery and firearm may hunt feral swine after normal shooting hours (an hour before sunrise until an hour past sunset) where local law allows; except by firearms on Sundays.

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