Waynesville town board needs Mary Ann Enloe

To the Editor:

One of America’s greatest statesmen, Thomas Paine, wrote a book called Common Sense. Unfortunately, this trait is not too prevalent in our government nowadays.

However, Mary Ann Enloe, a candidate for Waynesville alderman, possesses it in great quantity! She also has the heart to thoroughly commit herself to town affairs and — very importantly — the time to do so.

As a past county commissioner, as well as a past mayor of Hazelwood, MaryAnn has the experience to do the job well.  As a commissioner, she was able to obtain a birds-eye view of the entire county and of how government works, both overall and in each of the towns. As a mayor, she was “hands-on” and is well versed in the intricacies of town government.

Another notable plus is that MaryAnn Enloe is very much pro small business! And small business is extremely important to Waynesville.

The election for the Waynesville Town Board is coming up soon. The board has done a good job and deserves re-election. But one seat is now vacant, as Libba Feichter will not be running again. If we elect MaryAnn Enloe to fill it, we will be obtaining another excellent alderman.

JoAnna Swanson


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