Cat museum needs donations to stay open

The American Museum of the House Cat needs donations to continue operating.

Despite having income from 5,200 who visited the museum last year, Harold Sims said the museum’s first year cost a lot of money.

“This is not to say we are giving up. We need a little more help from the community,” he said.

He added that the Cat Museum has become a valuable attraction and asset to this area. Had the museum not been here, a large group from Georgia who recently visited the museum wouldn’t have gone on to shop and eat lunch in Dillsboro.

“The Cat Museum made them stop, interrupt their plans that day, a take the time to see the museum and then do other things here in Sylva and in Jackson County.”

Sims built the Catman2 Shelter and the Cat Museum with his own money. Donors helped keep the shelter open since 2002. It has saved and found homes for more than 4,000 cats.

To make a donation, call 828.476.9376


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