Haywood Tax Assessor to retire

After 19 years with county government, former Haywood County Tax Collector and current Haywood County Tax Assessor/Solid Waste Administrator David Francis is calling it quits at the end of this month.

“I got through the reappraisal, and did most of the heavy lifting on the Francis Farm landfill project, so I thought this was a good spot and a good time in my life to do this,” Francis said.

Francis lost the 2014 Tax Collector election to Mike Matthews, but was asked by the county to stay on anyway and help with Matthews’ transition as well as with several special projects, like the upcoming work at Francis Farm landfill.

Francis made the announcement at the Haywood County Board of County Commissioners meeting Aug. 7, after which he was lauded by commissioners and County Manager Ira Dove.

For now, Francis said he has “no real plans” but may seek part-time work.

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