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Friday, 16 June 2017 19:37

Ailing Waynesville Mayor makes statement

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Waynesville Mayor Gavin Brown hasn’t chaired a meeting of the Waynesville Board of Aldermen in more than a month now; earlier today, he issued a statement through the town explaining why.

Although it was known that Brown had suffered occasional and recent health issues, his extended absence was unusual for the normally spry, professorial dean of Haywood County politicos.

When asked for comment weeks ago, Waynesville Town Manager Rob Hites confirmed Brown’s hospitalization and said only that the family wished privacy, the town looked forward to his speedy return and town employees and aldermen were satisfied with the performance of Alderman Gary Caldwell as mayor pro tem.

Around the same time, Brown’s daughter Kim also made a Facebook post thanking well-wishers who’d inquired as to the health of her father.

Gavin Brown’s statement reads as follows:

“During the month of May I began to feel pain in my stomach area and back.  As the month progressed my discomfort increased. Over the week of the twentieth I began to run a fever in excess of 102 degrees. On May 23, under the advice of my physician, I went to the emergency room at Mission Hospital in Asheville. My temperature had increased to 105.

After a number of diagnostic procedures, the hospital staff found that I had contracted a Stage-3 Streptococcus infection that had settled in my blood and spine. Over the past few weeks I have been receiving intravenous treatment for the infection. Last Sunday, surgeons treated an abscess on my spine.  It is only after this course of treatment that I am beginning to start a meaningful recovery. 

The continuing plan is to treat the infection for an additional two weeks.  My health care team and I will formulate a recovery plan that should return me to the Town I love so much within a few weeks, and I hope to see you all again as I walk my dog Kattee on Main Street.

I wish to thank everyone for the countless expressions of concern, offers of help and prayers said for me. I am truly blessed with the best friends and Town a person could hope for.  I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Also according to the statement, “The Mayor will be in a therapeutic setting which will allow him to focus on his health and would like to request respect of his privacy during this time.  If there is any business related to Town operations, please contact Town Manager, Rob Hites. The Town’s operations have been and will remain uninterrupted and the citizens and visitors will continue to receive the high quality services that are so very important to the Mayor and this administration.”

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