Jackson’s new tourism logo is lacking

To the Editor:

Neither of the logos considered by the Jackson County TDA convey the proper message for tourism development. Both, per the logo display in a recent edition of The Smoky Mountain News, are lackluster, lack excitement (one being almost a kindergarten level piece of art) and should be shelved.

How many logo designs did the two advertising agencies submit for the TDA group to consider? Each should have presented no less than five each. If these two were the best, I question the creative ability of the agency.

Having represented Cherokee and the region at several dozen consumer travel shows over almost 15 years, I don’t recall one person out of thousands ever saying “Oh, I love Jackson County.” Travelers don’t recognize counties but they associate with communities within a county. Mention Maggie Valley, Sylva, Bryson City, etc. and there’s an immediate visitor association.

Mention Haywood, Swain, Macon or Jackson county and there’s a look of “duh” on their face.

“Play On” is as equally unimpressive as the logo itself. Ms. Teasley is quoted as saying “The mountains with ‘Jackson County’ and the simplicity of the design is going to make it easily recognizable.” Recognizable and meaningful are two different things.   

The discussion regarding the use of the logo by others? Just copyright it and that gives the TDA legal right to go after those who misuse it. The trademarking would protect words, color, design. Simple answer to that dilemma.

If the TDA is so promotionally oriented and thinking about bumper stickers, etc, where is the website name so folks can get information?  

The Outer Banks of North Carolina, cited in the article, has a unique OBX identification. It says something: “Outer Banks.”  “Smoky Mountains” says something. “Play On” says let’s go to the casino.

Well, Jackson County TDA, good luck. You’re playing around with many businesses in our county. Time will tell whether this “branding” is a success or failure.    

Dave Redman

Jackson County

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